7 Effective Tools to Restore Slow PC Speed After Malware Removal

If some of your programs taking a long time to load and hangs while operating, you can use this setting to increase its performance. Now from the left side menu, click on “Desktop” and select MenuShowDelay option. On the same windows click on “Clean up system files” to clean system files. The tool now calculates the unnecessary files and shows you in the new window. You can also clean system files from C drive using windows clean up tool. New gaming desktop PC’s comes with liquid cooling technologies that give better performance and speed as liquid cooling is more efficient than natural cooling. You can purchase such a computer if you are game savvy and heavy tasker.

The full details. This file can be downloaded from https://wikidll.com/microsoft/msvcr120-dll

  • Want a laptop that starts fresh with absolutely no bloatware?
  • Make sure to see our tip on stopping programs from running on startup to get even faster speeds.
  • Regularly restarting the OS shuts down any processes running in the background.
  • Microsoft recommends once a week, but once a day is more helpful.
  • If you want to get rid of large amounts of bloatware in a single go, programs like PC Decrapifierand Revo Uninstallercan make the process simpler.
  • To manually uninstall bloatware, open the Control Panel in the Start menu and click “Uninstall a Program.” From there, any app can be easily uninstalled.

Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer – the operating system will automatically enable and disable some visual effects that it determines will run fine on your hardware. If your computer is set to conserve energy, the CPU may not be running at full speed all of the time.

Press Windows + X button to open an admin menu and select “Run Windows PowerShell” option. Now, choose the start-up tab and select the program that you don’t want to start at boot. You can close startup programs through task manager. Right-click on the taskbar and select task manager to open it. There are chances that you install some software that runs in the background even if you close it.

Yet slow performance and sluggishness still remain the biggest problem for computer users. No matter how smart your Operating System is, it still requires a few tweaks.

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In Windows 10 most of these tweaks are done but still, there’s a need to optimize Windows 10 performance. In this tutorial, we will walk you through some small hacks that will help you speed up Windows 10 and optimize PC performance. TairikuOkami OK, this changes all visual settings, you have to change them, based on your option.

How to disable automatic driver updates on Windows 10

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Many services running in the background makes windows slower to operate. Once the drive is selected, it will run a smart scan to show disk space taken by junk files. You can also Clean up System Files but do this if you are sure you do not want to switch to the older version of Windows. This will help to free up space and speed up Windows 10. Computers in today’s world have been upgraded with Smarter Operating Systems and advanced hardware.

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So far in the guide of how to make windows 10 faster, we have seen many tips to speed up Windows 10. but this tip is way more efficient which significantly shows you the difference in speed. Make sure to restart the computer after you stop unwanted resources. You can restart PC later after reading this windows 10 speed up guide completely which contains more speeding up tips on the next part. Open the windows menu and search “resource monitor” and open the tool. Some programs consume lots of resources that increase the burden on RAM. You can restart the computer later after applying all the tips mentioned in this guide on how to make windows 10 faster.