Cardiac stress test

Cardiac stress test

Heart block

Your ISP will compare the first and second set of images using a computer. This can help determine if you have heart disease or it is getting worse. When your heart is working hard, a radioactive substance is injected back into one of your veins…

It is vital that patients tell their doctor exactly what medication they are taking and discontinue only if the doctor tells them so. Some medications, such as those for angina or asthma, may change test results. The patient should discuss with his doctor whether to stop taking them before the examination. The treadmill starts slowly and gradually gains speed and tilts to simulate walking or running uphill. Images Cleveland Clinic constantly strives to provide patients with the latest technological advances and innovative treatment options…

Make sure your healthcare provider knows about all of your medical conditions. You can ask your healthcare professional about the amount of radiation used during the procedure and the risks associated with your particular situation. Setting up a radioactive tracker can cause minor disturbances. Your healthcare professional may recommend a stress scan for myocardial perfusion for other reasons. Learn about advanced patient care and visitor policies.

The visualization portion of your stress research will take approximately 45 minutes. You may need additional tests, such as cardiac catheterization, depending on your results. Understanding your test results depends on the cause of the test, your age, and your history of heart disease and other medical problems. If you are planning to start a training program or have surgery. If you are injected with a vasodilator, you may feel a sting during the injection. Some people also have headaches, nausea and a feeling like their heart is beating..

Eco stress test

Aside from a little fatigue from the exercises, you should not expect any side effects. If you develop any unusual symptoms after this test, you should report them to your doctor. However, more often than not the test is not immediately alarming.., and official results will not be available until the images are formally reviewed by a cardiologist. In this case, you will be asked to contact your healthcare provider for results and discuss what, if anything, the next steps should be….

Choosing the method of stress relief will depend on your physical condition and other medical concerns. Ask your doctor about other reasons specific to you for doing a stress test. Your films will be checked by our nuclear cardiologists and the results will be sent to your doctor. Your doctor will discuss these results with you and explain how they relate to your health…

If you have diabetes, you should be given specific instructions on how to take the medication on the day of the examination. You should also avoid taking over-the-counter medication before the test, unless you tell your doctor. It has been estimated that life-threatening complications occur in only 1 in every 10,000 exercise tests performed. The order in which these tests are performed can vary from one stress lab to another, and sometimes they can be done on different days..

The latest information on cardiovascular disease, treatment, testing and prevention from the # 1 heart program in the United States. After the stress test, you will sit back in the waiting area and then take a second series of photos. When your photos are ready, you can leave the office. We will process the images and the doctor will read the ECG and images. Someone from the office will call you with the results within 24 hours. My diabetes is very well controlled and A1C has never been higher than 6.2. For the past ten years I have been leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly..

A special camera will scan your heart and take pictures to show how the substance has passed through your bloodstream and into your heart. As the radioactive tracker breaks down, gamma radiation is emitted, which is recorded by a gamma camera. When the pointer is collected on the target organ, the area is scanned. Radionuclide scans can detect abnormalities such as fractures, bone infections, arthritis, rickets, and tumors that have spread among other diseases. If the radionuclide is not found in certain areas of the heart, it could be scar tissue or tissue damaged by a heart attack…

About 20-30 minutes after you have finished your workout, you will again be standing under the gamma camera for about 20 minutes with your arms raised above your head so that you can take a picture of your heart during the exercises. Part of the study workout will be done later in the day if you have a one-day test. If you have a two-day test, usually some of the exercise studies are done the first day and some rest the next day. All tests should be under the direct supervision of a physician and the physician performing the test should clearly identify himself. You should ask your doctor which of your prescription medicines you should take on the day of the test and which should not….