Dating Advice for Very Tall Women by a Shorter Woman

Dating Advice for Very Tall Women by a Shorter Woman

I’m short in comparison to very tall women, at 5-8, but I have some dynamite dating advice for your needs with my very unique perspective, because I’ve always desired to be at least six feet tall!

Are extremely women that are tall at giving advice to tall women for meeting men? Many tall women do have advice that is sensational meeting men.

But if you’re a tall women, could you want advice from another tall ladies who hates being tall?

How in the world can she help you? A woman that is tall input from either a very tall woman who loves being tall, or — a not-so-very tall woman that would want to be as tall as you! And that’s ME!

I’m 5-8 but wish I were six feet. This makes me forget about odd than a female with a B-cup bra size who gets breast implants; a female with brown hair who goes blonde, or a skinny woman who dreams of having curves.

Because I wish I were very tall , i will bring something to your table when it comes to very tall women meeting men.

Besides, when you get because of it, it is all about self-confidence, and any woman that is smart short, medium or tall — will know this.

Feeling diminished because “all the men like the short girls?”

Suppose “all the men” also liked the blondes. Could you feel downtrodden because you have brown or hair that is black than blonde?

Needless to say not! The fact you are able to change your hair color doesn’t play into this necessarily, either.

It’s exactly that for whatever reason, when men prefer shorter women, this really eats up some tall women, than yours, you probably would not change your hair color for this reason because you know very well that if 95 percent of men preferred women with a different hair color.

Well, perchance you would, but women that are many wouldn’t even think of it.

Let’s say most men wanted overweight women, and you’re thin? Can you get depressed over being fashionably slender and commence stuffing yourself with pork chops and brownies? Of course not!

I understand that a lot of men want to see breasts on a woman. But I wear an A cup. Am I despondent and miserable over this?

needless to say not! Some men are breast men. It is left by me at that. I accept that.

And you also must accept that some men, maybe MOST men, prefer a lady who’s shorter than they’ve been. Instead, give attention to a physical trait that most men LOVE:

Have you got luscious lips? Beautiful hair? A glowing complexion? Shapely legs? Nice breasts? A nice butt?

I know I will never catch a breast man, and a lot of guys are breast men, in that very men that are few try to find women with A-cup breasts.

BUT SO WHAT. I’m not the least bit upset, because my style of man is a LEG man! I will flaunt my legs to get a guy. Flaunt what you’re pleased with.

A woman that is tall continue to have a fantastic pair of legs! She can have muscle that is enviable and complexion as well.

She can have a smile that is greatwhich a lot of men prize), and then there’s the whole personality and attitude thing.

Would you be interested in a person who slumps and hangs his head?

Women often list self-confidence as a trait that is required a man. Likewise, why would a man come your way if you’re trying and slouched to look less tall?

This tells him you are not confident. This is a turnoff that is real men. If you stand tall and pleased with being tall, a man will discover a strong woman with confidence and charm. Self-loathing is just one of the ugliest traits.

Adorn the body.

Go all out with the hairdo, the jewelry, the clothes, the heels that are high.

But the moment a tall woman slouches and sends out those vibes of, “I hate being tall,” this will send men running into the opposite direction.

If you’re trouble that is having men, it’s not due to your height more often than not.

Yes, some men won’t look at a woman over 5-6. My cousin is 5-11 and I also can now tell you right which he never looked at a female over 5-9. This will be his right.

He married a woman who’s 5-6. But likewise, I bet many tall women have strict preferences within their men as well!

Right? He needs to be this and therefore, right? He needs to be handsome, right? He needs to be slender, or have a full head of hair, or broad shoulders, or a hairy chest, etc., right?

If 100 men won’t come in your area, being tall might explain why 10 won’t come in your area.

The rest of the 90 won’t come like yourself; your walk and mannerisms say you hate yourself near you because you hang your head; you slouch; you exude low self-esteem; you’re too quiet; your body language says you don’t.

And maybe it is as you have brunette hair, and some of these men want only a redhead.

Liberate yourself, put on the high heels, throw your shoulders back, create your presence known, to discover what the results are.