Son In Law – by Silver Fox – it absolutely was a attempting time for my spouce and I with your child. She was dating a black colored child and we hardly ever really authorized from it.

Son In Law – by Silver Fox – it absolutely was a attempting time for my spouce and I with your child. She was dating a black colored child and we hardly ever really authorized from it.

Soul Of Desire, The – by Dick Coxxx – A white spouse encourages their appealing spouse to have a enthusiast to be able to spice up their sex-life. Whenever one of is own co-workers that are black advantageous asset of the problem, the wife gets a lot more than she bargained for. (MF, spouse, intr)

Spanking Judy – by Geminiguy – this will be a whole tale about a church-going, Ebony, girl-loving pro-football player. He does not just rating in the industry. (M/f-teen, 1st, intr, spank)

Spear, The – by Michael – A handsome Knight simply straight back through the Crusades brings his buddy, a black colored Moor warrior, house with him and then discover that their companion is quite favored by the women, much more popular than the usual handsome Knight! (M/F+, intr, cuck, preg, medievel)

Sperm Roulette – by anymouse – Wife and Hubby uncover the intense thrill of risking maternity having a stranger that is total create ways to have some fun at it. (A extension of “Oops i would Be expecting” additionally in directory 12. ) (MF, voy, preg, intr)

Split Crotch Panties – by RobandLinda – a new woman informs of her dreams. (mf-teens, slut, intr)

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Stormy Night In The Bronx – by Blackzilla – a black colored man and their White gf invest a hot evening together After He rescues her and her older white co-worker from the snowstorm. (MFF, FF, intr, rom, orgy)

Tale, The – by Suewatcher the husband’s fantasy and past meet up with him along with his young wife. (MF, reluc, wife, intr, preg)

Stranded – by Mellanie Hewlitt – The relentless heat and moisture, that has been what she felt during the last 3 times in this residing hell hole. Deep in no guy’s land, someplace inside the foreboding bowels of this vast and Amazon that is untamed rain lay the mangled wreckage of this DC10. (MMF, nc, gang-rp, intr, orgy, bd)

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