hey guys welcome to my channel today we are in Harvard and we’re going to talk about universities that accept international students without any exams so if you are an international student who wants to study in America please continue watching this video back to San Francisco [Music] [Music] typical lunch and horrid business called sushi chicken fingers coffee and some small salad $23 hey let me start by explaining the tears of American universities and colleges in America there are more than 4,500 universities and colleges great choice dear one I will talk about top universities like Harvard in order to get here where I’m sitting this is Harvard Business School you have to pass to men you have to pass TOEFL and the acceptance rate is around 10% if you want to do your bachelor’s in Harvard the acceptance rate is around 6% and you have to take SAT SAT subjects TOEFL so there are a lot of exams and if we’re talking about top universities like Harvard Stanford or MIT you just have to take those exams there is no program that would allow you to surpass the exams so for these top universities yes you have to take all of the exams tier two these are universities that are really good they are top 30 to 50 but they have specific programs for international students that allow you to come to the University study there you can study English you can study some subjects and then you don’t have to take the exams in order to continue to our education and these are the programs and the universities I’m gonna talk about more in this video Tier three mostly community colleges are really low in ranking the majority of them wouldn’t even require you to take to fall but they as I mentioned really low in rankings really sheep and sometimes you even get a visa to study there because the immigration officer might ask you oh why have you decided to travel all the way to America just to get education this weird College because there are so many good universities in your country so I would always tell my students that if you have a great university in your country and you have an opportunity to study there do you imagine us there and then do a master’s in a good university in the United States I’m Morty here in this building and I just remember my time at the University back in st. Petersburg when I had to do some assignments in the university we didn’t have place to sit down like this wouldn’t have it I had to go to cafeteria or if it was closed I had to just work on the window I know the cafeteria was closed I just had to work somewhere on the window like set up everything and write my assignments we didn’t have some like this like this amazing room with fast internet really quiet and really comfortable [Music] let me tell you a little more about the pathway programs so we talked about three types of universities I’m gonna talk about tier two so those universities that aren’t good but that also have phosphate programs on their campuses what is the program about so you are an international student you probably have problems with English not like huge problems but your English is not enough to pass TOEFL to take your GMAT etc so you come on campus where you will study so you’re thinking maybe I should do masters in northeastern and you come to Northeastern University you spend a year there and you study on campus you do English language classes and you adapt yourself to American system what’s really different is that for example when I came to Germany to study that was like completely different from what I’ve done in my university because we had this it was it was a seminar and we only had two lectures in six months but the rest of the time I had to prepare my own project in America it’s called assignment they give you an assignment you do research and you present it in front of the group if you haven’t done something like that in your country facet program is extremely useful so you do English into some subjects and you learn how American education works and you are already on campus so once you finish the program you have your summer break whatever and then you start as a full-time student on that exciting University this is the easiest transition that you can think of and yes you don’t have to take any exams your only task is not to fail that program language chip has been on the market since 2015 and I’ve done study abroad since 2011 and I only had one student who fail the program like this is the program especially designed for international students so once you complete it no exams and you’re a full-time student in an American University now I’m gonna talk a little more about top four universities that have this program for international students the first University I’m gonna talk about in this be is called Northeastern University and I just checked on google mess it’s actually a 16 minutes drive from where I am right now in Harvard it’s located in Boston but I thought maybe was just stay in Harvard because that’s number one University but northeastern is top 40 universities in the United States when I look at universities I look at a particular parameter that measures the amount of students who find jobs within six months after graduation so northeastern this parameter is 92% 92% of students find jobs when they graduate from Northeastern and top employers include Bank of America I be M Dell Microsoft Google US Department of State so there are top-tier employers and computer science is really really strong in Northeastern University so pay attention to that parameter and also pay attention to price so for example northeastern pathway program they have been running it for more than twenty years which proves that the program works the price varies so the minimum price is around $14,000 and the program lasts for months and the maximum is $32,000 and the private program lasts why this difference because you come to the university with a different level of English and the higher level is the shorter the program is but yes this is on campus this is a seamless transfer to the program that you’ve chosen in Northeastern so basically this is the pathway by the way if you have any questions about the programs I’m going to leave a link below for a free consultation please feel free to reach out to my managers they’re gonna help you explain everything and answer your questions the next University I’m gonna talk about is faise University and as you know I do some private consultations and the most popular request is that somebody wants to study either in Los Angeles or New York so base university is located downtown Manhattan when I was in New York who was staying downtown and Pace University was next to my hotel so if you are in New York what does that mean Wall Street is ten minute walk from the University that means if you’re interested in finance you’re gonna be connected with top companies fashion makeup industry it’s all in New York top tech companies have their offices like Google what’s particular about Pace University first they provide at least 9,000 internships for their students which means that you study and you work for a big company this means you have an extra line in your resume you have extra experience and you can make some extra money don’t forget that if you’re an international student in America you can work up to 20 hours a week on campus or you can do an internship in another company if that’s approved by your department by three programs in base University last from four months to 12 months and the prices range from $11,000 to $36,000 and what’s really important about bathra programs for you to understand is that when you have a lot of questions like how do I make my resume to submit to a potential employer how do I open a bank account how do I transfer how do I change University you have a dedicated academic advisor who’s gonna help you with that it’s gonna help you adapt to the American system I came to a library and I feel this huge urge to study I just see all the books and I just want to sit there with a cup of tea take a book and fry things down this this atmosphere just makes you want to study this is greater the next University I’m going to talk about in this video it’s called a University of South Florida I actually looked at it when I was a choosing University for my MBA in my Master’s guess where it’s located he hurts in Florida is located in South Florida which means no winter no snow but this is not the most important thing about the university it has stopped 65 universities according to the times and the rankings that you should pay attention to I’m sorry I’m just whispering because this is a really silent room and everybody’s reading to enjoy something and I’m the logging it’s not like the most people friendly thing to do but rankings that you should pay attention to Financial Times they don’t all come all kinds of ratings like Higher Education MBA my favorite friend Frankie my favorite ranking is US News com they also do a lot of different rankings this university is also top 11 by the number of issued patents and it’s also really good and almost everything they have good architecture finance economics management music even religion by the way if you’re a sportsman there a lot of Olympic champions studying in the University of South Florida because they do a lot of scholarships so you have success in your country in doing sports there is a good chance you can study for free but I will leave a link to consultation below Julia is one of the students came to the United States on a sports scholarship and she already got the American passport so this is a pretty common program the pathway program in the University of South Florida costs $20,000 and lasts from August to May [Music] when my favorite places on Harvard’s campus is the Business School and this is one of the most famous buildings if you see any photos from Harvard they would probably feature that building behind me and I just want to continue talking about university of south florida here more than 76 percent of their students receive salaries that are more than $50,000 a year and up sorry student scratches and more than 32 percent received more than $100,000 a year by the way when I was applying for my oh and Lisa thank you for noses I asked my lawyer what is considered average salary in the United States and he said Marina about thirty five thousand is considered more than average we have to switch location because it’s too loud but yeah that was the University of South Florida if you have any questions for example what I love about universities in America is that you can come to any campus just like that meet students talk to students dine with them in cafeterias even sometimes participate in the lectures if these are big lectures but know like the small ones and this is something you can do if you’re not yet sure where you want to study you just come to the campus and you just walk around you think is it for me or is it none unless University L wanna talk about this videos Colorado State University this is a university that is located in a town where public transportation is free this is like a fun fact for you another cool thing is that Colorado is the second state in terms of employment satisfaction rates so for example California yes the salaries are really high but at the same time in order to rent a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco you have to pay four thousand dollars but in Colorado the rent is cheaper the salaries are a little lower but this you know this feeling that you can spend a lot of money on yourself no just rent insurance and like all of the utilities that you have to pay so Colorado is number two and it’s always like top ten places to live especially that place where the university is located I’ve recently seen this ranking about living California and it was like like no no no guys you’re wrong oh by the way very important it’s always up to you like people will have a lot of opinions that would be a lot of rankings but the University where you’re gonna study this is just your own choice nobody can make it for you and this is your own responsibility so when I was choosing the university I wasn’t really paying attention to the ringing singing war I was watching youtube videos I was trying to figure out where do people work I was trying to figure out whether that place is for me like Harvard is number one but it’s not for everyone not everybody wants to be in this competitive environment maybe you want to study and run a company so there are different kinds of university please take the decision seriously a cool fact about Colorado State University is that eighty four percent of its graduates actually work in a field that they’ve studied like this is so rare all of my friends work in different fields and this means that the education is really practical people know what they’re doing Colorado State University is ranked number 58 in the ranking of state universities and if you wanted to the pathway program there it’s gonna cost around $27,000 it starts in August and finishes in May again the price varies depending on your level of English that was it guys for today I hope you enjoyed walking around Harvard with me you know we have just one life and it’s important to take the best it’s important to research your options like the more you research the more options you know about and the better decisions you can make so if you agree with the statement please like this video if you’re not yet subscribed to this channel the red button below I’m waiting for your questions down in comments let me know what you think and let me know where you want to study like what university is the University of your dreams thank you guys so much for watching this vlog waiting for your feedback and if you need consultation the link will be below please call our managers they are so happy to help see you soon bye